High-definition by high penetration ratio
x-mirror offers high-definition 3D with minimized ghost image through the optimized conversion speed for 3D filter and high penertration ratio
Certified by hollywood studio
X-mirror is registered as a’3D System’ by Hollywood studio which has the highest authority in 2D digital and 3D system
18meters of maximum screen size
X-mirror can show the 3D movies on a large screen(use 6kw lamp. silver screen gain 2.4)

The very best user convenience
installation is done within 10 minutes and quick and easy conversion for 2D→3D and 3D→2D is fully automated (Automation Optional)

No replacement of battery for the 3D glassee
battery replacement is not need therfore additional manpower is not needed
Elegant design with sunglass-typed
Comfortable and chic glasses that provides all the audiences with a great satisfaction
Ultra light design for the bespectacled customers
by using of glassed rack method, all the bespsctacled audiences are able to enjoy the movies without worrying about glasses to fall off