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  • ·First projection manufacturer to receive two Academy Awards f or Scientific and Technical Achievement for cinema projectors.
  • ·First licensee of DLP Cinema® technology, the first Digital Cinema technology to be adapted by the Hollywood community.
  • ·First to market with a networked on-screen advertising solution to help support and grow your exhibitors' businesses.
  • ·First licensee of Texas Instruments Series 2 DLP® Cinema technology.
  • ·First to offer specialized digital projection products for Virtual Reality, simulation and control rooms.
  • ·First digital 3D 3-chip projectors - The Christie Mirage Series
  • ·First to provide a fully-scalable modular display solution with the introduction of Christie® MicroTiles. MicroTiles leverage the strengths of both DLP® projection and Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to offer substantially brighter images and a vast color palette.
  • ·First to develop a virtually maintenance-free simulation system that provides simultaneous and independent control over both the visible and near-IR spectrum using LED illumination.
  • ·First to offer a solid-state LED ultra-high resolution DLP® rear screen projection system with a zero maintenance design, Christie Entero.
  • ·First motion platform ready DLP® projectors - The Christie Matrix Series.
  • ·Manufactured the first HD 3D projector.