QSC amplifiers are renowned for extended life because QSC builds themfor long-term reliability. In addition to durable construction, DCA Series amplifiers feature today's best available amplifier protection technology:

QSC PowerLight™
boosts reliability by cutting waste heat. Ultra-fast charging of supply rails results in tighter bass and clean, transparent highs.

Extensive protection circuitry
guards against failures such as DC, infrasonic, thermal overload, andshort circuits.

Active Inrush Limiting
lets you turn amps on and off safely without expensive AC power sequencers.

The DCA Series includes both 2-channel and 4-channel models. Some are designed with specific cinema applications in mind, while others are equally at home in varied roles:

DCAs for Screen channels
Ideal for bi-, tri-, and quad-amplifiedsystems in small- to mid-size auditoriums, the 4-channel DCA 1644 and DCA 1824 each provide multiway power without the confusion sometimes associated with multiple amps per channel.

DCAs for Surrounds
The DCA 1824 is ideal for multiple surround zones, with each channel delivering 450 watts at 2Ω to four parallel 8Ωspeakers (1800 watts total into 16 surrounds). The DCA 1222, meanwhile, drives 650 watts into five 8Ω surrounds wired in parallel, providing unprecedented performance for 1.6Ω operation.

DCAs for Subwoofers
Purposebuilt for subwoofers, the DCA 3422 easily handles two dual 18-inch cabinets with no bridging, saving space and money while delivering 1250 watts per channel at 4Ω.

Versatile performers
Depending on room size and loudspeaker power requirements, the DCA 1622, DCA 2422, and DCA 3032 are great choices wherever they're needed: screen channels, subwoofers, or surrounds.