Audio Capabilities:
- Quad-, tri-, bi-amp, or passive operation (varies by model).
- Three to five screen channels (varies by model).
- DSP presets to instantly optimize DCS speaker systems.
- Precise adjustment of crossover frequencies, parametric
  EQ, polarity, and gain for each speaker in your system.
- Switch-in alternate EQ settings for alternative content.

DCM Manager software:
- Easy intuitive system setup.
- Configure parameter settings ,routing, crossover filters,
  gains, delays, diagnostics, and monitoring.
- Save configurations for backup and reuse.
- Real-time software control from PC via USB.

- Analog or AES/EBU inputs.
- DataPort amp connections (no barrier strips or XLRs required).
- Auxiliary outputs (user-defined).

- Support for all current cinema sound processor formats.
- Support for Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS-ES.
- approved.

- Load and amplifier fault monitoring reports opens and shorts
  for each channel.
- Active emergency bypass crossover provides fail-safe operation.