1. Variety of materials
various screen materialscan satisfy any kinds of your needs

2. Seven Days to produce and lnstall large screens
to express natural colors most clearly and accurately, spectro screen takes into consideration various factors about projectors and provides the most ideal screens that are compatible with all kinds of hardware No matter large the screen can be, Spectro Screen can produce and install the screen such as 34x17m front/rear screens, 20m motor screens and 500-inch frame-type screens within seven days.

3. high quality screen marterial
To clearly express images from the projector, the screen is coated with PVC + silver or PVC + pearl +silver. So, the Spectro can express more vivid and clear images than general mat, bead, or PVC screens. Also, Spectro Screen has obtained fireproof certificates from Korea and Japan.

4. top produuction and lnstallation technology
Considering environments, screen weight and size, and speakers, Sepctro Screen provides various frames and designs. Especially, Spectro can install wrap-around frames on site for 30m or bigger screens. - Durable, strong and easy to install
- Various light screen frames for every situation
- Simple speaker platform

5.superb motor screen production / installation technology
- From 3m to 20m, Spectro Screen can manufacture and install various motor systems.
- To provide perfect screens for users, the height of the top mask is masked manually.
- The image is projected on the right position of the screen.
- Tensions are attached to both ends of the screen for better smoothness.
- According to environments, exposed-, filled- or gondola-type screens are available.
- You can choose the color of the screen case to match with surroundings.
- French SOMFY motors are used for smooth and reliable operation.

6. Ezcellent frame screen technology
- Spectro Screen’s screens have better install functions and screen positioning capability than those of other companies in the US. Also, Spectro Screen has systems that can produce all sizes of screens quickly. Even non-experts can install the screen while keeping its smoothness.
- You can choose frame color (black, silver, silver + black) to match with surroundings.
- Along with the existing aluminum base, black velvet, silver, glossless, and black frames are available.

7. short production and delivery time
- Even ultra-large screens can be delivered within a week.
- There is no risk of damage during delivery.

8. Reasonable Price
Spectro Screen's products are not excessively expensive like imported screens. Some of Spectro’s products are twenty times less expensive than other products. However, Spectro Screen provides the same quality as other foreign manufacturers.